Vital Business Solutions: providing human resource solutions for your recruiting, training and regulatory compliance challenges.

We proudly offer coaching, management assistance and restructuring services to meet the changing needs of any professional climate. We are your partner for superior HR and strategic development.

A Better Human Resources Solution

Vital Business Solutions is a human resource outsourcing agency that provides simple HR systems for your complex business needs. We help you acquire, maintain and develop people within your organization, providing you with the peace of mind that your business complies with all local, state and federal regulations. It was nice meeting you

You can stop sinking your valuable time into seemingly endless projects such as updating employee handbooks, recruiting and retaining talent and sifting through complex regulatory compliance laws. Eventually these tasks become overwhelming and detract from your organizational impact elsewhere. For the manager without the resources to hire additional full-time staff, what can be done? There is a better human resources solution: Vital Business Solutions.

Your Challenges

  • Is your budget too tight to hire a full-time Human Resources Manager?
  • Are you confused about labor laws, company policies and procedures, or standard hiring practices?
  • Does your HR department lack the subject-matter expertise to execute special HR projects?
  • Does your HR staff need assistance completing urgent projects such as updating employee handbooks, running compliance audits, providing executive coaching, or implementing an HR strategy?
  • Do you need interim HR support with recruiting, hiring and providing benefits?

Our Solutions

  • Providing to a team, who are subject-matter experts
  • Aligning your core business needs with a strategic agenda
  • Reducing compliance costs and liability risks
  • Offering just-in-time HR and pay-as-you-go flexibility
  • Saving you money as you avoid the fixed costs of hiring HR professionals

Contact VBS

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