As regulatory compliance laws have ballooned in recent years, so has the pressure on human resources departments. For sizable corporations, this is less of a problem, as larger profit margins allow them to hire additional in-house HR staff. However, smaller businesses often aren’t equipped with the knowledge and resources to meet these requirements. They are increasingly turning to Vital Business Solutions for their human resources challenges.

Vital Business Solutions is a team of human resources and management professionals that develops simple systems to meet complex business needs. We partner with several independent consultants and small businesses throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area to provide unlimited services to our clients.

Our Values

Over the years we have established a reputation for integrity, honesty and diligence. We are also known for a swift, personal approach that puts our clients’ needs first. As such, we aspire to a prompt response time needed by our clients. These values charted our course in the beginning, and will continue to chart our course ahead.

Our Expectations

VBS partners with seasoned professionals who are comfortable with working on a contractual basis and are adept in the use of technology. Project lengths range from half a day up to one year. Depending on the project, work can be done from your home during business or evening hours. However, many clients are increasingly requesting our consultants to work daytime hours onsite for seamless communication.

Our Perks

In addition to competitive compensation, our current consultants enjoy the flexible hours and comfortable pace a partnership with Vital Business Solutions affords. They also gain invaluable HR knowledge and experience in a consultative environment. Moreover, they derive genuine satisfaction from helping clients decipher the highly technical laws and regulations that govern employers.

Apply to VBS

If you are interested in joining the team at Vital Business Solutions, e-mail us your resume and desired hourly rate, writing the position title that you are applying for as the subject. We can be reached at For other inquiries, fill out the web form or call 202-832-1388.